a dreamer in limbo

If you could do anything in the world, what would you do? or What is your dream job? These are loaded questions that people get asked almost daily and I am not immune to these inquiries. It’s strange to me because of the people I have met through my short stint as a person on Earth, most individuals answer with something that they love and/or are passionate about. Then you look at their lives and the melancholy sinks in because what they do and what they love are not one in the same. We all have dreams and aspirations, but few dare to chase them. Not being a member of the minority in this instance; I have yet to chase my passions.

I have to point out that what I do for a living is such a phenomenal opportunity and I do genuinely love my job. I have worked here for over 3 months and every day is a new surprise. Essentially, what I do is guide people through the online car buying process without knowing a single thing about cars (other than how to drive them). Building rapport is a staple of my position and using the words ‘crushing it’ to describe my ability to communicate effectively and bond would be an understatement. The next incredible thing is that I meet and work alongside people who are excited to learn, collaborate, and grow. These folks are from all walks of life, having skills and knowledge that vary from person to person. The opportunity to learn new things from each individual is there, provided I take the time to engage and listen. This rag-tag group of guys and gals are awe-inspiring, charismatic, and refreshing. These are men and women who could become more than just people I work with. Engaging and relating could lead to the development of bonds that can extend beyond the workplace. These could be people I can count on in a time of need; to be shoulder to lean on or an ear to talk off (for those who know me, I am quite the talker). Not only are the people fantastic, the company is a completely different beast in itself. No idea is too small and the company’s executives actually encourage challenging the status quo. All of these things are unheard of in the workplace. Trust me, I asked my mom.

However, while I love my job for the learning and development opportunities and the potential for genuine friends… this isn’t my dream.

This is the part where you ask “Zach, what is your dream, I’m dying to know?”

I’ll feed you baby birds. I dream of me, standing on a stage in front of an audience, alone. I’m armed simply with the chaotic thoughts coursing through my mind and a microphone (similar to posting here without the physical aspects… perhaps this is a stepping stone? More on this later, we go back now to the spotlight). I have the audience’s attention directed exclusively at me and for however long I am on stage, making them forget about the trials and tribulations of everyday life is second nature. Whether this method of forgetfulness is through comedy or deep thought, I am unabashedly confident in my ability to improve people’s lives with what I have to say. In recent memory, storytelling has been something that intrigues my every fiber; so why do I sit idly by? Aging, day after day, not pursuing my dream? Why can’t I take the first step?

Fear of failure is the main reason I don’t progress. I have written material to test, I have thoughts that would benefit and/or wrangle up a whole mess of laughter, and I would be able to persevere the stress of isolation in the spotlight; yet, I’m still stagnant. I want to overcome this fear and start pursuing my dream. That journey starts now. Here are some of the steps that I have started to take to make this lofty goal a reality.

1) I began focusing on my mental well-being. Mainly directing my attention towards why I am scared of this failure. I’m working on my charisma, my vernacular, and my overall demeanor towards others. If you are interested, the YouTube Channel Charisma on Command is an incredible resource that has afforded me so many tools to help develop in many ways. The marked improvement it has had on my life has been noticed by not only myself but others as well. One example, I used to love going out and drinking with my friends. He has three videos that have convinced me to no longer drink in any social setting. That’s some powerful stuff.

2) I submitted (prior to being hired where I work now) a passion that I wanted to talk about in front of an audience. Ignite Phoenix is an event where 18 people each get 5 minutes to talk about anything or everything that intrigues/interests them. They are very strict on that 5 minutes too. My topic would be about music and my emotions. I adore music so much and short tenure on stage would be about the impact it has had on the development of my personality. From my early rock n’ roll discoveries to the lyrically meaningful song kick I am on right now, I would cover how it has sculpted the man whose words you read right now.

3) I started a blog to practice getting my ideas out before my peers 🙂 thanks for reading.

These are just three of the ways that I have begun my adventure towards my dream. No longer wishing to remain stagnant, taking action feels fantastic and I am very glad that you are along for the ride. I know wholeheartedly that I am meant to change the world with my words and this is the way that I would accomplish that change. These steps are small but they are definitely steps in the right direction. The stroking of the fire that is my passion can begin. The ultimate goal lies in being an exemplary orator and this is my sweeping declaration: I will accomplish my dream.

I’d love to talk to you about your passions and dream(s). Feel free to comment and we could open the forum. Let’s communicate on a deeper level and get to know each other. If not, please have a phenomenal week.




3 thoughts on “a dreamer in limbo

    1. That is so fascinating! What kind of doctor would you be? You seem well-versed in travel and writing! Where is your favorite place you have ever been to? Any tips for a budding writer? So many questions, I do apologize!

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      1. General medicine! I loved 4000 Islands in Laos you know. Most inspiring places were for me in Bali and India! Don’t apologise! Just ask more. Maybe one question at a time 😋

        Liked by 1 person

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